Canada Extends Special Measures for Israeli Nationals

Canada Extends Special Measures for Israeli Nationals

On June 12, 2024, Canada extended special measures for Israeli nationals and their family members in Canada until July 31, 2025.

Open Work Permit for Israelis in Canada

In response to the recent conflicts in Israel, the Government of Canada has taken proactive steps. Following the terrorist attack by Hamas in October 2023, Canada has been evacuating its citizens, permanent residents, and their relatives from Israel. Additionally, Canada offers open work permits to Israelis, allowing them to establish a new life there.

This gesture underscores Canada’s commitment to humanitarian aid and support for those affected by global crises. It allows Israeli citizens to find work, settle down, and contribute to Canadian society.

Temporary Special Measures in Effect

To further assist, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced special temporary immigration measures. These measures, effective since December 2023, help relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents from Israel who are currently in Canada. Under these measures, Israelis can apply for a fee-exempt study or open work permit.

Who Can Apply for an Open Work Permit for Israelis?

To qualify for these temporary measures, Israeli nationals must:

  • Be physically present in Canada during the application process.
  • Hold valid temporary resident status.

These measures target key groups:

  • Israeli nationals currently in Canada who feel unsafe returning to Israel.
  • Family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who left Israel on or after October 7, 2023, and currently reside in Canada.

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How can Schindler Visa Services help?

Schindler Visa Services is committed to making the immigration process as smooth as possible for Israeli nationals seeking to relocate to Canada. We will guide you through the application process for a study or open work permit and ensure you meet all the eligibility and admissibility requirements. We offer comprehensive services, including advising on necessary documentation, reviewing applications for accuracy and completeness, and updating application status. With Schindler Visa Services, you can navigate the Canadian immigration system with ease and confidence, knowing you have a team of experts by your side!

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