Open Work Permit for Israelis in Canada

Open Work Permit for Israelis in Canada

The Government of Canada has shown a proactive approach in the wake of the recent conflicts in Israel. Since the unfortunate terrorist attack by Hamas in October 2023, the Canadian Government has been diligently evacuating Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their relatives from Israel. Canada has also extended a friendly hand towards Israelis, offering them the chance to apply for open work permit in Canada and establish a new life in Canada.

This act of solidarity reflects Canada’s unwavering commitment to providing humanitarian aid and support to those affected by global crises. It presents an opportunity for Israeli citizens to find work, settle down, and make valuable contributions to Canadian society as they reconstruct their lives.

Temporary special measures are in effect

In the midst of these challenging times, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced special temporary immigration measures. Launched in December 2023, these measures are specifically designed to assist relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents from Israel presently residing in Canada. Currently, the temporary measures allowing Israelis to apply for a fee-exempt study or open work permit in Canada are in effect.

Who can apply for an Open Work Permit for Israelis?

To qualify for these temporary measures, Israeli nationals must physically be within the geographical boundaries of Canada during the application process and hold valid temporary resident status. These measures have been put in place with a few key groups in mind:

  • Israeli nationals currently residing in Canada who feel unsafe returning to the region at this time.
  • Family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who left Israel on or after October 7, 2023, currently reside in Canada.

Open Work Permit for Israelis in Canada

Under the current public policy, Israeli nationals must note that Canadian ports of entry are not considered ‘in Canada’ to apply for work and study permits. That means you cannot apply for a study or open work permit when you arrive at the airport or at the border crossing with the US. IRCC requires you to apply for those documents online. Additionally, you must remain in Canada until your permit is secured, as the officers need to verify that you have not left the country.

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Open Work Permits for Israelis

Israeli nationals who meet eligibility and admissibility requirements can apply for an open work permit valid for up to 3 years, which allows candidates to work for any employer in Canada. This will enable Israeli nationals in Canada and foreign national family members who departed the region to sustain themselves until they can safely return to their home country.

In addition to the general eligibility requirements, to qualify for an open work permit, applicants must

  • adhere to the law and have no criminal history
  • not pose a threat to Canada’s security
  • maintain good health and complete a medical exam if necessary
  • avoid intending to work for an employer listed as “ineligible”
  • ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover living expenses for yourself and any accompanying family members during your stay in Canada, as well as for return transportation
  • demonstrate to an officer that you intend to depart Canada upon the completion of your authorized stay

The Government of Canada will prioritize processing in-Canada applications for study permits and open work permits for foreign family members of Israeli Canadian citizens or permanent residents who arrived on or after October 7. This will expedite the process for Israeli nationals and their family members from arrival to application in Canada, thereby shortening the waiting time for access to the labour market and self-support opportunities.

With the current global scenario and Israeli citizens’ specific challenges, these temporary measures provide a beacon of hope. They offer a chance for individuals to seek safety, stability, and new opportunities in Canada, reinforcing the country’s reputation as a welcoming and compassionate nation.

How can Schindler Visa Services help?

Schindler Visa Services is committed to making the immigration process as smooth as possible for Israeli nationals seeking to relocate to Canada. We will guide you through the application process for a study or open work permit and ensure you meet all the eligibility and admissibility requirements. We offer comprehensive services, including advising on necessary documentation, reviewing applications for accuracy and completeness, and updating application status. With Schindler Visa Services, you can navigate the Canadian immigration system with ease and confidence, knowing you have a team of experts by your side!

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