Canada is investing extensive funds into international education. The government has adopted the International Education Strategy which is aimed at promoting education in Canada. The country attracts hundreds of thousands of international students who begin to study in Canada every year which in turn helps the education sector and national economy. At the moment, there are over half a million international students attending Canadian colleges and universities.

Study in Canada has multiple advantages compared to other countries. In addition to the top-level education, international students can bring their spouses and children to Canada, can work up to twenty hours per week off-campus, can obtain open work permits for their spouses, and finally, can stay in Canada after graduation under the Post-Graduate Work Permit.

Moreover, the Canadian government is really interested to retain international students as they are ideal candidates to join the labour market. Well-trained, young, and proficient in English or French, international students are ideal immigrants for Canada.

Schindler Visa Services works closely with many Canadian educational institutions. We can help you to get a letter of admission from a Canadian college or university, apply for a Study Permit, and, eventually, help you to become a permanent resident of Canada!

What services does Schindler Visa provide for international students?
  • Choosing a study program
  • Assistance with admission to colleges and universities
  • Obtaining a study permit
  • Obtaining a work permit for spouses of students
  • Obtaining a Post-Graduate Work Visa for international graduates
  • Assistance with obtaining permanent residence in Canada after graduation
Education Services
Study in Canada is an excellent idea for a successful career. A well-thought-out strategy for admission to the best educational institutions in the country is the key to obtaining a prestigious diploma and, as a result, immigration to Canada.

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Study Permit
A Study Permit is a mandatory document that foreign citizens must obtain to study in Canada. A student visa allows you to study in Canada or complete a preparatory study program for a period of six months. This document is required to be eligible to reside in Canada for the period of your study.

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Post Graduate Work Permit
Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) allows graduates of Canadian colleges and universities to obtain an Open Work Permit in Canada for up to three years. International Graduates do not need a job offer to apply for PGWP, and can work anywhere in Canada, for any employer, in any occupation!

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Immigration Programs for Students
The federal government links international education to the domestic economy and attracts as many international students as possible by introducing multiple Immigration Programs for Students. International students are ideal immigrants for Canada.

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